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Do you have a new baby at home? If so, you’ll want to make sure that they get plenty of sleep. One way to help them sleep is by using a baby night light projector.

These projectors can cast a soft light on the ceiling, which can help lull your baby to sleep. There are a number of different projectors on the market, so it can be hard to know which one is the best for your needs.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best baby night light projectors available and what makes them stand out from the competition.

We’ll also provide our top pick for the best projector on the market. So if you’re looking for a way to help your little one get some good sleep, read on!

Benefits Of Using Baby Night Light Projectors

There are many benefits of using a baby night light projector in your child’s nursery, and they are perfect for soothing infants and helping them fall asleep.

Plus, they come in much different fun and colorful designs that will entertain your child for hours on end!

It lights the room gently so that the child does not dread nighttime and allows the parent to check on him.

It saves energy, and it uses less electricity than a ceiling light.

Top 10 best baby night light projector review 2022

Here are the top 10 best baby night light projectors reviews:

1. SUNNEST Baby Night Lights Moon Projector

SUNNEST is dedicated to making your life easier through innovative, modern, and affordable home products. It is an ideal holiday gift for your sweethearts, babies, families, and friends.  

Sunnest baby lighting lamp can also be a white dome night light that gives you warm light during sleep without glaring, so it’s comfortable for your eyes while not too bright to affect your night vision.

Adding a new function of changing colors is more exciting and attractive than others. What’s more, our star sky projector has 3 buttons to finish all operations. You can fully enjoy the party season no matter day or night.

The colourful LED bulbs are lovely for showing you eight-colour combination modes with 4 adjustable brightness levels, including strong/weak white light and mixed colors (Red/Green/Blue).

And there are 8 fixed patterns like twinkling star/steady on etc. Press button “A” for selecting one mode; press “B” for changing the colours; press “C” for rotating; It is extremely easy to use with three designs to save power, convenience, and practicality.

That’s all we want to share with you. We hope our products will make your life better and bring happiness every day!

  • Creative design with LED bulbs.
  • It’s comfortable for your eyes.
  • 3 buttons to finish all operations.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Not so bright

2. Moredig Night Light Projector

Moredig is well known for producing good quality children’s night lights. This product, in particular, is no exception to that, and this could be one of the best ones!

It has all the necessary features you could need for a baby night light projector, including an easy-to-use remote control to change what color and how long it will stay lit.

It has built-in music so your baby can listen to something soothing and calm while they drift off. Plus, you can set it to play different songs or just one if you prefer.

It comes with a dual function too! You don’t just get a rotating light projector but also an adorable plush toy that attaches magnetically to the project screen.

This is perfect for kids who love animals and learning about new ones on safari! The leopard will show up right in front of them every time they look at the projection, which provides endless hours of entertainment on its own.

All-in-all, this product has everything you could need from a baby night light projector and more!

It would be an excellent addition to any nursery, especially those with younger children.

  • Easy to use.
  • Remote control to change colors and songs
  • Built-in music with timer
  • 360-degree rotation for an entire room projection.
  • It can give you a lifetime warranty.
  • The remote is a bit small and can be challenging to use.

3. Fortally Night Light for Kids

The Fortally is explicitly designed to help children to fall asleep and relax. It will automatically shut off after 30 minutes, helping to save battery life and reduce noise pollution.

The starry sky night light projector offers and comforting and soft glow that won’t keep your child up all night.

This projector has 9 Dreamy color modes and gives out a brilliant starry night sky on the walls and ceiling of kids’ rooms.

Your kid will love this gift! It brings wonder, happiness, and more fun to their lives, which will become an essential part of peaceful sleep.

Also, it has a Power supply of two ways – 4 x AAA Batteries or USB cable connected to the electricity.

If your kid is afraid of the dark, this star night light will be a perfect addition to a child’s bedroom. This Kids Night Light is sure to become an essential part of peaceful sleep.

  • Easy to use.
  • Cute design.
  • Good battery life.
  • A wonderful gift, especially for children!
  • A little too bright during the day.

4. Luckkid Night Lights for Kids

Luckkid is ideal for mounting on walls. The different films project light onto the walls and ceiling. They create a relaxed atmosphere are great night lights for kids who are scared of the dark, especially at bedtime.

It works by sparking your kid’s imagination which relaxes them. You can use it as a projector with its cover off or use it as a night light with its lid on.

It can be powered using two different power sources- a USB connection or three AA-size batteries. The star night light comes with five optional films happy birthday, magical planet; starry star; constellation, and the undersea world.

Thus, it projects light in five optional styles onto the wall or ceiling. It has six different lighting effects- blue, yellow-white, sequential slow fade, and combination. You can set up the desired color mode and lighting effect by pressing “A.”

This nightlight is a perfect gift for a kid’s bedroom and ideal for decorating events with colorful projected stars such as weddings or birthday parties or even during Christmas. You can also use it as a romantic night lamp or a decorative night light lamp.

  • Easy to operate
  • It has Long-lasting battery life
  • It has Multiple slides
  • Bright
  • Best for the gift.
  • It is Not sturdy

5. ELECBYTES Star Projector Night Light for Kids

ELECBYTES is one of the high-resolution star projectors. It has a rechargeable USB port, and the battery is detachable, which makes it easy to take anywhere you want.

In addition, ELECBYTES provides 8 different colors to meet your needs of switching the star color, including white, blue, green, yellow, red, and so on.

The built-in timer can automatically be set from 5 minutes to 99 minutes within 32 feet remote control range. Just enjoy it together with your children!

Also, for this feature, ELECBYTES is a Baby Night Light Projector that can also be a perfect gift or decoration.

The projector has a 1200 mAh battery inside, and when fully charged, it can work up to 13-14 hours. It provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The price is much lower than other high-end products. So if you want the one that has good quality and a lower price, ELECBYTES can be an option for you!

  • Easy to use. Gives a stunning display.
  • The power supply is a USB.
  • 100% refund guarantee.
  • Best gift for kids.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • The size of the base makes it unstable on thicker surfaces.
  • The Star quality is horrible.

6. HONGID Night Light for Kids

HONGID is a company known for making products that are especially good for children. They have created a product to give children terrified of the dark something they can use to help them feel safe, warm, and tucked in at night.

This projector will turn your child’s ceiling into a starry night sky or light up with fluffy clouds! This gives them security without being too overbearing on their senses.

It has everything you need, but the batteries (which makes it super simple) and also comes with an AC adapter so you can plug it right into an outlet if you want.

However you use this projector, the fact remains that it is one of the best items out there to make sure your little one gets a restful night. It has rotate and multiple colour options.

It is excellent for children who are afraid of the dark and need a little extra security to sleep at night or as a way to distract them from anything bothering or troubling them as they lay down.

This projector also makes for a perfect gift! The cute designs make it ideal for those special times like Christmas, birthdays, and other functions where you want to give something adorable.

  • Easy to use and set up.
  • 2 Different projections.
  • Portable and can be used anywhere.
  • Rotate with multiple color options.
  • USB cable and batteries included for easy setup.
  • AC adapter (batteries not included) or USB port.

7. YiaMia Night Light Projector for Kids –

YiaMia is one of the best night light projectors on the market! It can provide a perfect home theatre for you and your kids and accompany your children to spend different nights every day.

And this galaxy lamp is also a great choice as a unique night light for baby nursery and kids bedroom!

It is a great toy gift for kids alike, especially during Christmas or their birthday! This projector lamp has 7 colour lighting modes and four kinds of music that will make their last minutes magical.

With 8 sets of replaceable films, it brings different experiences to children. Also, choose which model of the show depending on your mood! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. We provide 24-hour service.

  • Very easy to use.
  • The lamp is lovely and has seven distinct patterns to choose from.
  • This lamp can help children to stimulate their curiosity, imagination, creativity.
  • Perfect gift for your kids during Christmas or their birthday!
  • After a few months, the lamp stopped working.
  • It only projects one color.

8. DEVENEZ Night Light Projector for Kids

DEVRNEZ is a luxury star night lights projector, which can emit a variety of stars and colourful colours to the sky of the kids’ room. This DEVRNEZ rotating moon and star nightlight emit warm white light, just as candlelight.

Meanwhile, it has multiple colours changing modes with 4 upgraded LED lamp beads that bring much brighter colourful lights that make your baby feel like flying to the magical starry sky.

The moonlight has 8 changeable colour modes, including red, blue, green, yellow, pink, and white. Unlike other ordinary projector lamps that scatter lights intensely because of one LED bead or others reasons, DEVRNEZ emits rays smoothly because of 4 high-quality LED lamp beads.

This projector has 2 ways of powering can be powered by a USB cable or 4 x AAA battery (Not Included).

So you can choose whatever method to get it to work. And DEVRNEZ is made of high-quality ABS environmental protection material, safe and reliable for your kids to play with.

It’s time to stop worrying about scratching the paint on the walls when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night!

This spinning projector emits a soft white light and rotates a starry sky onto the ceiling and walls. No more bumps and bruises at night when navigating around in darkness!

  • Emits soft, warm light.
  • Rotates to project a starry sky onto the ceiling and walls.
  • Safe for baby’s sensitive eyes.
  • Powered by USB or battery power.
  • Ideal for ages 2-12
  • The light is unreliable; it sometimes works, and other times it doesn’t.

9. Rossetta Galaxy Star Projector

Rossetta is one of the best baby night light projector brands out there to choose from if you’re looking for one that works great and has a ton of features. Fortunately, it’s also quite affordable compared to others in its class – just check the price on Amazon!

One of the most convenient features is wirelessly connecting your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth so you can play music while exploring the magical world of stars and colors.

This way, you can help your kids fall asleep more easily by playing relaxing tunes rather than having them keep staring at an eye-catching projection all night long.

Plus, the built-in sleep timer will automatically turn off after 1 or 2 hours if left unattended. If you’re looking for a great gift idea for your kids or family members, then look no further! I’m sure whomever you plan on buying this projector light night lamp for will love it.

It has 16 Colorful Lights & 4 Speeds. Works great as a night light for children, babies, nursery, bedroom, or simply relaxing light when you need some relaxation.

An excellent little remote control is also included so you can adjust the colors with ease. The built-in speaker has 8 natural sounds (rainforest, ocean waves, summer night, birds chirping, white noise) and 8 lullabies (twinkle twinkle little star, lullaby song 1 & 2, as well as babbling brook).

The stair master is perfect for soothing infants and helping them fall asleep. Plus, they come in much different fun and colorful designs that will entertain your child for hours on end!

So if you’re looking into getting a baby sleep aid or just want to help your little one ease into slumberland, then consider today’s deal.

  • Easy to use.
  • It can be used as a great night light.
  • Comes with remote control for added convenience.
  • 8 nature sounds and 8 lullabies.
  • Works with most iOS and Android devices, including Bluetooth-enabled tablets/phones.
  • The oscillation is a bit loud.

10. Dinosaur Toys projector

Dinosaurs are one of the last best toys for kids you want your child to play with. Our Dinosaur Toys LED Night Light Car projector is soft, comfortable touching, non-toxic, no noise, and lightweight.

This mini night light with the projector is an educational toy for 1-year-old babies, 3 years old children, or older kids. The cute Dino toys can be put on the car dashboard or windshield.

It is a tremendous creative decorative light for children’s bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and outdoor decorations.

Our Dinosaur Toys Kids night light & Car Projector offers dual mode: USB power supply mode(USB cable connected to PC) and 4 AA batteries (not included).

Your kid will feel like sleeping in the sky when they close their eyes while watching this lovely Dino lamp! Overall, this is a great product, and the price is reasonable.

  • Easy to use
  • Offers dual mode
  • Great gift idea
  • No noise, no toxicity, soft and comfortable touching
  • Not very bright

How To Choose The Right Baby Night Light Projector?

When choosing the proper baby night light projector for your child, consider these factors.


Make sure that the material is non-toxic, sturdy, and long-lasting. Also, check for lead-free paint or plastic to prevent skin irritation or allergies. Most are constructed of rigid, durable plastic. Choose a kid-friendly ABS material with scratch-proof and lasting durability.


Colors are outstanding in most baby night light projectors. However, make sure there aren’t too many bright colors that can distract your child while trying to fall asleep. Some come with various color modes so you can control the brightness of each color’s illumination. These are more beneficial than ones with only one color option because it gives your infant a better sense of imagination when they look at it!

Projector Type:

What type of projector will work best for you? Projectors can either be stationary onto walls or ceilings, rotating star light projectors where the stars move, or projectors that light up the top like a starry night sky.


Some will play the music that is soothing to babies. Others don’t have any sounds, so your little one can fall asleep more easily without being distracted by an audible sound machine.


You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on a baby night light projector. There are more affordable options available for around $20-$35, depending on the features you’re looking for!

Battery/ Adapter Operated:

Consider if you want it plugged in all the time or an option where it’s battery operated so it can easily be moved around into different rooms.

Rest assured that every product listed below has high customer reviews and excellent quality ratings,


Choose a lightweight and compact night light for use in a nursery, a party, or another romantic environment.


Both films and bodies must be solid and long-lasting. With many exchanges, thin films may break.

Extra features:

Look for features such as auto shut-off, timer, rotation, static mode, music, video recording, light dimming, and more to make the projector night light worthwhile.


Check the projector’s safety features before purchasing. Ensure the product is non-toxic, safe for babies, and free of any adverse effects.

FAQs of Best baby night light projector

What color of light is best for a baby at night?

A blue light will help the most. Blue light helps lower the amount of melatonin produced, which is essential for babies to sleep well. If you are concerned that blue light is terrible for your baby’s eyes, then just use a red bulb in the projector.

What colors promote sleep hatch?

Different colors have been said to promote sleep in different ways. Blue and green are thought to be the most calming colors, while red is stimulating. Yellow is a happy color that can create a cheerful atmosphere in the nursery.

Is yellow light good for sleep?

Yellow lights are considered the most “warm” light; they have the least amount of blue. This will heighten your natural levels of melatonin, which aids in relaxing you for sleep. 


We hope this list has helped you find the perfect night light projector for your baby. With so many different choices out there, it can be hard to know which one is best suited for your child’s needs and preferences.

Our goal was to provide various options in our top 10 reviews that we think would suit most people’s budgets and tastes.

We also included some information about why these products are beneficial in general and how they work with babies specifically! 

Which product did you like? What features were important to you when deciding on the right one? Let us know in the comments section below!

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